Albert Fazio
Interactive Resume

Florida State University - Information Technology - Course Work

Management of Networks and Telecommunications: Spring 2008: Kevin Harrington

Final Project: Create a network cable from wires and terminators, use it to connect to a small network, and then send and receive data.

IT Practicum: Spring 2008: Peter Jorgensen

Final Project: Setup and configure a Smart Board for Melissa Raulston's office.

Web Development and Administration: Fall 2007: Melissa Raulston

Final Project: Install Windows 2003 Server on a Virtual Machine, Secure the server, open Remote Desktop, and host a web page from the server.

Information Systems and Services: Summer 2007: Kevin Harrington

Documentation Assignment: Created documentation for installing a web development program on Windows Vista.

Database Concepts: Summer 2007: David Miner

Final Project: Created a working database, fill it with fake data, and run queries against it.

Technologies: Spring 2007: Ebrahim Randeree

Team Project: Give a team presentation of IT Funding at Florida State University and take questions afterwards.