Albert Fazio
Interactive Resume

Catholic Charities - LIS 4910: IT Project

Project Description:

Catholic Charities is a non-profit organization that was need of server that can help save files, backup the files, and provide anti-virus and Windows updates to the client machines. The purpose of this project was to setup the server, maintain the server, and provide technical support to the users at Catholic Charities. This is an ongoing project that started in the spring of 2008 and will continue as long as the organization has the server and is in need of technical support. I worked on this project during the summer of 2008. During this time Active Directory and virus protection was installed on the server. Four out of the thirteen client machines were added to the new active directory domain, setup with file shares, and protected from viruses via the Symantec Anti-Virus server.

Current Status:

This project required a large amount of time and effort. I was only able to finish part of the project before a pipe burst in the building that flooded several rooms including the server room. The server was damaged by the water and the project came to a complete stop. I ran some tests and found that the motherboard was the only thing damaged from the water. After the Catholic Charities orders a new motherboard I will install it and assist the next student in this ongoing project with the unfinished tasks of the summer 2008 segment.

Currently, the server is set up with Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft Active Directory, and Symantec Anti-virus Corporate Edition. It is completely secured and configured for use as an Active Directory server. I was also able to add four computers to the domain with their own file shares and access to the general file share before the water damage. Once the motherboard is replaced I will be able to assist the next student administrator by adding the rest of the computers to the domain and setting up WSUS.

Gained Experience:

I learned a great deal from this project including:

I have included all of the files I created for this project as well as a link to my project blog which will give some more information about the project and the work I put into it. If you have any questions about my work at Catholic Charities please contact me at